Unusual USB devices: Knee warmers

| March 22, 2007

Just when you thought ‘geeks’ couldn’t get any odder, they do. Computer users with a couple spare USB ports can now sit comfortably wearing “Heated Kneepads.” Yes, USB powered kneepads that can be warn to keep those cold knees warm on a winter day. How many people have you heard complaining about cold knees??? (but […]

Chili Pepper Racing using biodiesel (B50)

| March 22, 2007

Unfortunately the Volkswagen Jetta TDI in the Speed World Challenge Touring Car championship this year had to drop out of the race after only two laps in its first race on Friday at Sebring. Press reports say the biodiesel-powered car, driven by Jim Osborn, suffered mechanical problems. Next race is May 17-19 in Utah. Here’s […]

Cummins Inc. approves B20 biodiesel use

| March 22, 2007

A company synonymous with American diesels, Cummins Inc, has give the nod to B 20 biodiesel this week. We Volkswagen TDI drivers can only hope that VWoA will follow suit and approve B20 for use in its small diesels. (currently they approve blends of up to 5% — B5) Cummins Announces Approval of B20 Biodiesel […]

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