I didn’t know a Prius could do 100 mph?

Posted By on July 5, 2007

Al GoreI know my TDI will ‘zoom-zoom-zoom’ (sorry Mazda), but I didn’t know that a hybrid Toyota Prius was capable of 100 miles per hour? Now I do, thanks to the 24-year-old son of former Vice President Al Gore, who was arrested for drug possession on Wednesday after he was stopped traveling about 100 mph in his hybrid Toyota Prius at 2:15 a.m. south of Los Angeles. Sadly, the drug store found inside his car shows a young man headed for trouble. (is a Prius still considered ‘green’ if the driver is smoking pot and driving 100?)

The deputy smelled marijuana and searched the car, said sheriff’s spokesman Jim Amormino. The search turned up a small amount of marijuana, along with prescription drugs including Valium, Xanax, Vicodin, Adderall and Soma. There were no prescriptions found, he said.

Gore was arrested on suspicion of drug possession and booked into the Inmate Reception Center in Santa Ana, about 34 miles south of Los Angeles, on $20,000 bail. Although he quickly identified himself as the son of the former vice president, Amormino said Gore received no special privileges.

Gore made bail and was released at 2 p.m., Amormino said. He will receive notice of a court date within 30 days.



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