CinciTDI GTG set for Saturday, September 22nd

Posted By on August 27, 2007

Brake BleederHave you changed your brake fluid lately? On most if not all TDIs, VW recommends that you change your brake fluid every 2 year regardless of mileage. So with that in mind, how about getting together on Saturday, September 22, 2007 with your fellow TDI owners and helping each other with a brake bleeding? (9AM until ???)
We’ve worked out a Saturday that will include a couple of our dedicated GTG ‘wrenchers’ so that they can be available with powerbleeders; if you have one please bring it. Our group will be using our CinciTDI “How-To” video clip ‘donations’ to purchase the brake fluid for all who are signed up in the comment section of the CinciTDI GTG section. (HINT: Listing in the comment section over at CinciTDI as an excuse to get members to register on our CinciTDI website — it is separate from the Yahoo group. Again, we would like to have enough brake fluid on hand for everyone — so be sure to sign up early)

This GTG will be of the family/picnic/grill-out variety so feel free to bring your family, extra chairs, bathing suits and towels as the pool will be open. If you would like to bring something to add to the potluck lunch … that would be great. Please list what you will bring in the comments section so others can avoid too many duplicates. We would like to have a head count for both ‘brake fluid’ and the meats for the grill.

Jon HamiltonOur good friend and rally racer Jon Hamilton is also planning to be here with his RallyVW, posters, etc along with his Pike’s Peak climbing TDI. This is a great chance to talk to him about power enhancements or learn just how durable our little diesels are … or perhaps donate a few dollars to keep his TDI competitive.

Directions: there is a ‘front’ driveway which can be found plugging in 8025 Green Lake Drive, West Chester OH into Google Maps (for cars not needing service) OR a rear gravel drive with tons more parking for those needing to work on their cars (besides it keeps me on better terms with my neighbors). The map below details the directions from either Dayton or Cincinnati (north or south bound on I-75) to the rear entrance. If its dry feel free to turn off the gravel and park on the grass. If the weather is lousy, we’ll either do what we can or reschedule. (check back here if it looks questionable)
You can find this map by putting CinciTDI and GTG in Google Maps search box.
From I-75 take Rt 129 (Butler County Regional Hwy) to the West to first exit. Turn North (right) on Cincinnati-Dayton Road through 3 traffic light and turn East (right) on Bethany Road. Cross over I-75 and look for rear entrance to our house through green gate. I’ll post CinciTDI sign.


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