Some Ohio towns suffer worst flooding in 100 years

Posted By on August 23, 2007

Findlay Weather ChannelTraveling around the state of Ohio this week, it is amazing the difference a few hundred miles can make. In my home of Cincinnati, its relatively dry with rainfall for the month almost 3 inches below normal. In Cleveland the recent heavy rains have put them 6+inches over the monthly averages. The recent heavy rains passing through the state have even put entire towns under water like Findlay, Ohio in the northwestern part of Ohio. In fact, today the busy north – south Interstate 75 was even underwater and impassable north of Lima. Several other small towns and communities have suffered significant rain and flooding including an area I was near today. (Mansfield and Shelby) Gauges have measure up to 9 inches in a 24 hour period.

I75 Closed
I-75 Closed TodayToledo Blade Photos

As I debate my trip across route 30 on Thursday afternoon, I’m hoping the roads will be passable. but there are still thunderstorms even at this time although at this writing the rain is light and spotty.

Sunoco Bio at Mt Gilead
I also filled up at the I-71 exit 151 Mt. Gilead Sunoco Biofuels station today and will test the mileage hit my new tires will be costing me. I’m concerned that the aggressive treaded all weather Dunlop Sport A60s will negatively affect mileage of my Volkswagen TDI. (I’ve averaged lifetime about 44.5 to date)

Finally … I’ll post an audio snip-it from a Volkswagen song (click for MP3) I heard in case someone recognizes the artist … not that I really need to know, but thought it would be interesting to place the entire song in the CinciTDI archives?


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