CinciTDI Brake Bleeding GTG

Posted By on September 22, 2007

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It was a great day for a CinciTDI get together (GTG) as the scheduled brake bleeding event went like clockwork thanks to our volunteer ‘wrenchers.’ (Thank you guys) Most of the VW TDIs received fresh brake fluid very efficiently as the Motive Powerbleeders made short work of changing the brake fluid in each of our Volkswagens. Unlike many GTGs, we all had time to relax and talk a bit — including the ‘wrenchers;’ it was great to hear each others thoughts on how to plan and prepare our bid to host the 2008 TDIFest. I’m starting to get excited … it is going to be a great ‘Fest!

Again, thanks to all the CinciTDI folks who came, helped and share a good time around our cherished little Volkswagens. (It was great to meet some new folks too)


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