2008 Honda Clarity with video from Motorweek

Posted By on February 27, 2008

Honda Clarity
As previously posted, the the hydrogen powered Honda FCX Clarity is a ‘realistic looking’ automobile, aside from it need for hydrogen. (infrastructure problem) It will be on the roads as a ‘lease only’ vehicle in southern California for about $600/month. (limited availability) This includes regular maintenance and insurance so the number might not be as high as it appears. Nevertheless, it is good to see companies moving ahead with different competing alternatives to petroleum. I wouldn’t mind having a natural gas to hydrogen generator in my garage IF it were economically feasible. The Honda Clarity design might be just about right as a family commuter car and daily driver and it would be nice not to be pumping petroleum or emitting pollutants.

Here’s a video clip from Motorweek which aired last weekend.


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