Politics and the middle east “powder kegs”

Posted By on March 7, 2008

Well I’ve gone a bit to political lately as I look back on the last several days of topics, but then that’s been the news in the U.S. this week. Unfortunately as I look beyond our borders, politics and events are even worse, so one more day on this topic.
The middle east is a pile of powder kegs just waiting to be ignited. It seems neither diplomacy or military force helps the situation.

Iraq saw yet another day of bombings, this time terrorists killed over 50 civilians with two bombs in a Baghdad marketplace. Although life for Iraqi’s is improving, the violence isn’t stopping. Seeing that most of the targets are innocent civilians, it is difficult to believe that “all would be well” if American forces just up and left?
shooting in IsraelAs terrible as it is in Iraq, a more concerning escalation is occurring between Palestinians and Israel … again. On Thursday a “Palestinian or an Israeli Arab” sprayed over 400 rounds in a school library in Jerusalem. The gunman, before being kill by a soldier, was able to make it through security checkpoints with his weapon and opened fire on students. Witnesses referred to it as a “slaughterhouse” as people in this 400 student seminary school jumped from windows. Combine this ugly event with praise for the attack from Hamas and comments that it was “heroic” will surely will not temper Israel’s response. Unfortunately Palestinians in Gaza didn’t respond any better. They took to the street on the news and celebrated, with people firing into the air and sounding their horns … even though Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian president, condemned the attack. Gaza will not be a very safe place to be in the next few days.


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