Will we see a Democratic Convention like 1968?

Posted By on March 9, 2008

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As reflected in my recent blog posts, I’ve been drawn into the Presidential primaries and battle for the nomination. Thankfully for the Republicans, the bickering is over and McCain now only has to raise money and have his appearances reported. (a challenge perhaps?) For Clinton and Obama the end is not quite so clear, and some have said it could come down to the Democratic National Convention in Denver Colorado?

Few primaries in my lifetime have been as tightly contested as these two Democrats. I was a bit too young to have first hand experience 40 years ago during the 1968 Presidential primaries — it may have been the last time Democrats were this divided. As I recall war, race and gender were issues in 1968 too. For a good summary check out 1968 with Tom Brokaw, a History Channel special that reviewed a difficult year in our nations history. To see the program, look at the schedule for a re-broadcast, pick it up at the History Channel store or it might be available in your local library.

If you prefer downloading the Four Part Quicktime video to your computer, enter the password here.


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