A Happy Birthday lunch with my daughter

Posted By on May 14, 2008

Happy 22 Birthday K
One of the advantages of being on the road for business during the week is that I get a chance to see my daughter. Today was no exception … and the highlight was that it was her Birthday! She has been studying for a Neurology test tomorrow and brought along a stack of index cards 6 inches thick … of which we didn’t even look at over lunch. (I occasionally flash through her study cards with her) Anyway … it was nice that she made time for “dear ol’ dad” … and shared that tasty chocolate cake with ice cream with me!
BTW … here’s an economical and tasty lunch tip: The restaurant chain Bennigans has several terrific $4.99 lunch combos which includes a drink. Although I tipped a bit more than normal today (free Birthday desert), two people could comfortably have a nice sit-down lunch with table service for about the same as a McDonald’s combo and almost half of what I pay for the “pick two” at Panera Bread.


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