How do we safely open up America again? #COVID19

Posted By on April 21, 2020

As the United States and the world prepare to open society in phases after well over a month of stay-at-home orders due to the Coronavirus, the debate between those who see the health risk as too high and those who fear a full on economic collapse (world wide depression) continues.


Several states are seeing protests due to the draconian measures being force on them by state governors, while others line up at food banks just for food. Unprecedented millions have lost their jobs, filed for unemployment insurance and those businesses who would like to bring them back are fighting to stay solvent. In the meantime, the Democrats seemingly refuse to add additional funds to the current Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act without additional pork barrel add-ons. It seems Speaker Nancy Pelosi is SpeakerPelosiIceCreamcomfortable playing politics as she illustrates her compassion with those suffering (#sarcasm) by showing off her gourmet chocolate ice cream and twin commercial refrigerators (video clip).

The least government can do if “forcing” businesses to stay closed and restrict their ability to run their business is to throw them a “longer” lifeline … otherwise a lot more companies will find their only option will be that of bankruptcy and shuttering for good (BTW, 50% of the jobs in America come from small businesses … and in turn their and their employees pay the taxes used to pay federal, state, county and city government workers).

As to my initial point of how do we balance the risk of spreading COVID19 and the additional deaths with the loss of jobs, homes, businesses and our economy? If it were an easy answer, we’d all be in agreement. Perhaps herd immunity, along with targeted hot spot quarantines and age/risk based stay-at-home mitigation is the best answer … see Mark Levin’s April 19th interview with Dr. David Katz below.


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