Music Monday: This Van Morrison song for surgeons, says BBC

Posted By on April 22, 2019

The subject line of this post is definitely one of the quirkier tidbits for a Music Monday song, VanMorrisonMoondancebut I thought it was a somewhat unique way to mention Into The Mystic and post a couple different YouTube videos – here’s the LP version (pretty cool) and a live version embedded below. According to a BBC survey, this Van Morrison song is “one of the most popular songs for surgeons to listen to while performing operations.” They say it is because it has a “cooling, soothing vibe.”

Van Morrison’s music ranks high on my list of favorites, especially his music from the 1970s … the release day from the album Moondance was February 1970. His songs have been included before, but I think a live Into The Mystic (lyrics) is worth including (no longer available).


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