BMW/Oracle America’s Cup 18th man auction

Posted By on April 25, 2007

BMW/Oracle America's Cup
Here you go … a chance for a first class trip to Spain and position on America’s Cup BMW/Oracle’s team. With you backing the team they’ll be sure to advance to the finals and win back the cup.

The charity auction is currently running on Ebay for a chance to be the 18th man (woman) on the racing team in the Louis Vuitton Cup semi-finals on May 18th. The trip itself might be worth a few dollar to some of you, considering you’ll fly over and stay in 3 nights in five-star hotel (Westin Valencia), receive $1000 in cash to spend during the 4 day trip and a watch valued at nearly $10,000. The winning bidder also has the opportunity to return as a guest on June 29th, if the team advances to the America’s Cup Finals.

Of course the bidding for most of us is already out of reach at nearly $30,000, but you have a chance to scrape up some change until Apr-30, 2007 — auction ends at 6:00PM PDT.


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