Whew! I remembered my anniversary

Posted By on June 5, 2008

harrison fordAlthough it wasn’t a close call in remembering our 26th wedding anniversary, I wasn’t exactly plotting weeks in advance either … but Brenda and I had an enjoyable time going to the movies — Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. For us the Indiana Jones movie brought back fond memories as the first, Raiders of the Lost Ark, came out when we were dating and engaged. Brenda even remembers our exact seats at the small town theater in Oxford, Ohio. Her weekend visit was the only time in 1981 that she came down to visit while I was in graduate school at Miami University. Interestingly, we have ended up living only a short drive Oxford … and even contemplated driving there for the evening, although opted to spend the money on eating out rather than on $4.00 gasoline! (besides, we were just there for my son’s high school graduation)


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