Space X stumbles yet again to get into space

Posted By on August 3, 2008

nullA the private company Space Exploration Technologies Corporation (Space X) funded by Internet entrepreneur Elon Musk, failed for a third time to launch into space. The Falcon 1 launch on Saturday evening was from Kwajalein Atoll in the Pacific Ocean was carrying three small satellites including one for the Department of Defense. While watching the onboard video, even a novice could tell something wasn’t right shortly after first stage separation. As the second stage rocket engine ignited, it began to wobble and as the seconds ticked away it oscillated even further. Shortly after 4 minutes into the flight, ground control lost signal from the two-stage Falcon 1 rocket. According to the webcast, launch control acknowledged that “there has been an anomaly.”

The company is based out of Hawthorne, California and employs 525 people. The disappointment is a third unsuccessful launch since the first Falcon 1 launch in March of 2006. Besides the satellite payloads, yesterday’s rocket was carrying the ashes of 208 people who paid to be carried into space, including astronaut Gordon Cooper and Star Trek’s James Doohan — “Scotty.”

In addition to the unsuccessful Falcon 1, Space X is developing a much larger rocket called the Falcon 9. The first stage of the new rocket has nine engines with the intention of shuttling cargo to the International Space Station after NASA winds down the Space Shuttle program in 2010.

Elon Musk released a statement which indicated the company will continue with its space flights, mentioning that the four flight is scheduled in the fourth quarter of this year and addition flights are already being prepared.


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