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Posted By on August 2, 2008

keypadI wanted to archive a couple keyboard shortcuts pertaining to trademarks and copyright symbols when keyboarding at the computer. Not many people outside the printing and publishing world know about keystroke combinations that can be used for special symbols. (Note: If you are using a reduced keyboard –ie. a notebook computer without a separate numeric pad, you may need to hold down the Fn key when using the section of numeric keys highlighted on your computer)

To Create The Copyright Symbol ©
* Windows – ALT + 0169 (hold down ALT key and type 0169 on numeric pad)
* Mac – Option + g (Hold down Option key and press the g key)
To Create The Trademark Symbol â„¢
* Windows – ALT + 0153
* Mac – Option + 2
To Create The Registered Trademark Symbol ®
* Windows – ALT + 0174
* Mac – Option + r

It’s legal to claim a trademark “â„¢” in order to uniquely identify the source of your goods and/or services and protect your intellectual property, but it is not legal to use the registered trademark symbol “®” unless that trademark is “officially registered” with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Here one that is a little less important, unless your sending something to your sweetheart!
To Create The Heart Symbol ♥
* Windows – ALT + 3
* Mac – Click Edit, then Special Characters. Find the heart symbol and click Insert.

EDIT: Link to a few HTML special entity codes.


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