Last weekend’s visit to Letchworth State Park, NY

Posted By on October 10, 2008

Middle Falls at Letchworth State Park NY

After reflecting on the doom and gloom of our economy and state of most investors, I thought I would go back a few days to a nice autumn weekend in western New York. We enjoyed pleasant weather and time with my mother and father-in-law at Letchworth State Park. If you’re looking for a great weekend trip with plenty of autumn color and hiking trails, I can highly recommend a visit to this area in October. What surprising is that over these past 27 years that I have never driven those couple of hours east of my wife’s home in Jamestown to even see this beautiful park.

Rainbow at Letchworth State Park NY

The history and natural beauty of this 14,350 acre “Grand Canyon of the East” New York State Park on the Genesee River is impressive, considering a significant chunk of it was a gift from William Letchworth in 1906. It is located 35 miles south of Rochester and contain a huge canyon with 600 foot walls and three waterfalls. There is a trestle bridge at one end, a century home turned restaurant (the Glen Iris Inn) and many parking and short hiking opportunities — 66 miles of hiking trail in fact. While not quite on the grand scale of a hiking trip to Montana, the Grand Canyon or the Canadian Rockies, its a perfect weekend trip for those of us within a reasonable drive or a great place to rent a cabin or camp. While traveling from Jamestown NY to Letchworth Park, we passed through my mother and father-in-laws college alma mater  as well — Houghton College; it happened to be homecoming weekend and was fun to listen to them reminisce — a nice weekend.

EDIT: Additional Letchworth State Park photos


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