Meghan McCain talks with Neil Cavuto

Posted By on October 15, 2008

Meghan McCainI monitor the RSS feed for Meghan McCain’s blog ( and have been looking forward to reviewing her new children’s book about her father since it was published a few weeks ago. Although I haven’t picked the book up yet, I have read a few reviews on it. Below I’ll include an interview Meghan had on Tuesday afternoon with Neil Cavuto;  she’s a sharp young lady that must make her father proud. I think she is a real asset to his campaign for President considering that she has spent a significant amount of time traveling with him this year. Her new book is called “My Dad, John McCain” and it contains aMy Dad “cliff note” history (her words) of her dad’s life, along with some family photos.

For those unfamiliar with his background, I posted a timeline of his life several months ago in my blog, but the book or the movie Faith of My Fathers is far more interesting. He has lived an exceptional and heroic life of service to our country and even if people do not agree with his politics, as an American he should respected for his service. If there is one thing John McCain has demonstrated, it is that he is a patriot and truly does put “country first.”


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