Ohio called for Obama; it looks like the election is over

| November 4, 2008

According to FoxNews at 9:15 PM, they have announced that Ohio has gone to Obama with 9% of the vote counted. The projection is early, but after watching a significant number of other states fall, the election looks to be over. Unless something freaky happens, the next President of the United States is Barack Obama. […]

Neilsen number for cable news channels

| November 4, 2008

I found this interesting while I was scanning the cable news channels and eyeballing the exit polls. I knew FoxNews has a strong lineup of shows, but didn’t realize just how much they were leading the other cable affiliates — FNC was almost twice that of CNN and MSNBC during primetime. Tuesday, Nov 04 — […]

Election Day: Let’s see how accurate the polls are

| November 4, 2008

Halfway through election day, with record turnout across the U.S., it looks as if everything is moving Barack Obama’s way. From the Democrats early work in “get out the vote” efforts in registering first time voters, to mistakes made by the Bush administration in handling foreign policy, to the 6 years that the Republican controlled […]

Ohio voting concerns right out of the gate

| November 4, 2008

Early voting problems are already being noticed in Ohio, at least in my precinct — or perhaps I’m just being hypersensitive?  I haven’t cast my ballot yet (waiting for line to shorten), but my wife needed to arrive at the polls early this morning before work — 7:00 AM. She stood in line for a […]

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