Election Day: Let’s see how accurate the polls are

Posted By on November 4, 2008

Halfway through election day, with record turnout across the U.S., it looks as if everything is moving Barack Obama’s way. From the Democrats early work in “get out the vote” efforts in registering first time voters, to mistakes made by the Bush administration in handling foreign policy, to the 6 years that the Republican controlled congress failed to focus on fiscally responsibility — it all fit the the key slogan of “change” for Senator Obama. Voting on pewsThis Bush administration legacy has created an uphill battle for every Republican candidate, including the realistically moderate Republican John McCain. Unfortunately the last 8 years have made it nearly impossible for a good man like John McCain to be seen without the baggage, even though he has spent his life focused on cutting government waste, its inefficiencies and the corrupt lobbyist driven Washington DC insiders. Unfortunately for Senator McCain, the final hurdles of high energy prices zapping money from consumers this past summer and the years of excessive borrowing by Americans (encourage by both Democrats in congress and Republicans fatcats on Wall Street) have combine to rock the world into an economic crisis. Republicans have received much of the blame and they are tainted with the public’s disgust, leaving the road far easier to travel for an unknown and untested Democrat Barack Obama. I’m not sure all the votes being cast for him are in favor of Senator Obamas’  positions on foriegn policy, or his more government and income redistribution approach, or more a loss in confidence the Republican administration that, besides national security, did little to prevent the recent economic collapse or improve life for the average American — and the poll have been pretty reflective.

Four major tracking polls

(Here’s a 11/4/2008 image of four major tracking polls throughout the Presidential campaign — click for larger)


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