CinciTDI guys working on a couple new How To clips

Posted By on January 3, 2009

Bruce working on Katelyn's VW TDIA few of us from the CinciTDI group enjoyed Saturday afternoon working on our Volkswagen TDI diesel cars and filming a new Fuel Injection Pump How To video. Bruce Bowling was once again in front of the camera and demonstrated the procedure to replace leaking gaskets and in making injection quantity (IQ) adjustments — both using the Hammer Mod and final adjustments with the VAGcom software.

We hope to have it ready and uploaded to the site soon. (check back here or over at

Eric and Bruce

My friend Eric, who had just purchased a ‘new to him’ VW Jetta TDI, was also here for an intake manifold cleaning (photos below) and a timing belt change (Bruce and Eric above). We all had an enjoyable time.

Intake Manifold Eric and EGR


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