Eye-Fi 4GB SD card for Canon EOS XSi works great

Posted By on January 4, 2009


One of the interesting Christmas gifts this year was a new SD memory card to use in my Canon EOS Rebel XSi — a 4GB Anniversary edition Eye-Fi card. EYE FIWhat makes this SD card unique is that it has built in WiFi. The card operates just like a 4GB memory card but utilized the camera’s battery power to upload photos to your home WiFi connection or with an optional subscription service a hotspot WiFi signal operated by Wayport. Even with the large JPG files (will not upload RAW images) produced by the 12+ megapixel Canon DSLR camera the upload to my computer is reasonable for a few photos and definitely easier than removing the card and putting it in a reader or cabling the camera. About the only weak point is that the camera needs to be within about 40 feet of your wireless access point (WAP) to begin uploading photos to your computer.

Intake Manifold buildup

Another interesting feature is that once you’ve registered with Eye-Fi, the “manager” offers a few options as to what you want to do with the photos uploaded to your computers. One can choose to have them uploaded to a processing service or to a photo sharing service. Unfortunately if you tend to take a lot of photos, you’re computer will upload them all if you’re using this option (I suppose you can always delete them?). Nevertheless, if you are looking for a new memory card for your camera, I would highly recommend the Eye-Fi SD card (Compact Flash/SD card adapters are available and work as well).

Test photo

Just another test photo — leftover bolt from VW TDI GTG on WSJ chart.


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