Hello my name is Rich, I’m a 24-a-holic

Posted By on January 18, 2009

24“Hello my name is Rich, I’m a 24-a-holic” and I am addicted to the Fox Television Series 24, yet I haven’t watch the current season yet.  The intense neverending show has kept both my wife and I at the edge of our seats … or bed … depending where we watched it from. Blockbuster much surely be happy since we have singlehandedly kept at least on of their store’s afloat by renting DVD after DVD each weekend. Thankfully most of their older television series DVDs (4 shows per disk) are priced at 99 cents with only the recent season at $1.99 per DVD; its still cheaper than renting a movie.

We are almost caught up to the current season – which is two shows in, according to my Tivo “season pass” settings — so “no spoilers.”

Palm Treo used regularly on 24

I have particularly enjoyed the use of technology in the show and have noticed the change in tech gadgets as each season progresses. I can only imagine what we’ll think in 10 -20 years?  The one item that really makes me smile is when Jack Bauer holds his Sprint branded Palm Treo … I took this photo with “my Palm Treo 700p” while watching an episode from Season Six last night.  Maybe they’ll have the Palm Pre next year?


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