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Posted By on January 26, 2009

PricingAlthough I didn’t receive a notice (could have been sifted by gmail as spam) from about any changes to their ‘free’ services, the Pro accounts $4.99/mo ($30 annual) is a bit steep for the occasional user. I have recommend their services in the past as a way to send an emergency fax or post a scan/photo document when traveling and away from an office containing fax machines and scanners. It is still a good service, but a bit over priced if you’re not a power user or spend a significant amount of time on the road and away from an office set up.

Scanr Limiting Services


  • Received a polite explanation from


    Thank you for pointing out the broken link. It appears that MSNBC removed the story.

    We have encountered some filtering of our messages by Gmail, even after requests to be white-listed, so it is possible you may not have received some announcements. Adding and to your address may ensure that messages are received. Hopefully, this message will be received.

    Unlimited scanning was moved to a premium service on January 7, 2008. At that time, we added a premium annual subscription to all existing accounts, and sent an e-mail to all the accounts for which we had addresses. We’ve added some additional scans to your account. I apologize if the messaging situation has caused you any problems.

    Thank you,


    Customer Support Team

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