Like an old man, I’m checking the weather

Posted By on January 25, 2009

snowing a little bit

I’m starting to think about taking my son back to college late this afternoon/evening and figured I might be a good idea to check the Ohio weather (1 PM image out the front window above). Thoughts like this rarely occurred to me in years past, but the older I get the more attention I pay to the weather, especially as it relates to driving — this must be an age thing since I regularly hear  my parents or in-laws thinking like this.

Some snow has started to fall here in the Cincinnati area about 1 PM and thought, “a little here can mean a lot more in the northern part of the state.” A quick look at the radar image (below) didn’t look all that promising, but notice that at least heavy snow isn’t in the forecast . Hopefully we won’t see more than a couple inches or my 8 hour drive could turn into a long slow miserable trip.

Accuweather Radar 1PM

Click map for larger live Ohio annimated radar map from Accuweather


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