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Posted By on March 26, 2009

Avatar RichC ImageIf you’ve been surfing the web for any length of time you’ve seen the artist ‘cartoon’ looking avatars. One company called makes it easy to convert a current photo into an avatar.

I tested the web based service the other day and received my €3.50 EUR ($4.89 US) cartoon-ish looking avatar back by email yesterday. I can’t say that the purchase is worth the 5 bucks, but it is nice to see a younger looking RichC!

RichC animated avatar ideaI’ve also been contemplating if I should attempt to build/use an animated GIF avatar, similar to what sports broadcasting has been doing the last few years when showing a ‘live’ oriented head shot of a player. (ie. motion etc) I’ll put my example to the right … notice the blinking eyes!


EDIT 3/31/2009: Take the poll:


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