Good looking Volkswagen Golf GTD diesel

Posted By on March 30, 2009

Golf GTD

Volkswagen has done a great job with the design of the new Golf GTD. Its design is similar to the popular Rabbit Golf although has a noticeable sporty edge. VW says it will stress fuel efficiency, clean diesel and better performance over the European Golf TDI.

Golf GTD InteriorAccording to Motortrend, “under its hood is a more powerful edition of the regular TDI’s common-rail 2.0L four-cylinder making 168 hp. The powertrain puts out a minimal 139 grams of C02 per kilometer and achieves a claimed combined 44 mpg in the European cycle. It’ll top out at 138 mph and scoot to 62 mph in 8.1 sec. Either a regular six-speed manual or the brand’s six-speed DSG can be outfitted in the sportier little diesel.”

At this time, those of us in North America get usual answer when it come to importing European oil burners — “there is no word on the Golf GTD coming to the U.S. as of now.” Pricing in Euro dollars seems a little steep at 24,475 euros. ($32,537 US)


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