Hybrid at Sun ‘n Fun: It’s a plane, it’s a car, it’s a Transition

Posted By on April 25, 2009

TransitionI’ve posted a couple times (1 & 2) before on Terrafugia’s Transition experimental airplane/car and wanted to include a little video from the Tampa Fox affiliate taken at the Sun ‘n Fun airshow in Landland Florida. A group of students from  M.I.T. developed a two-seat aircraft that can take off and land at small airports and drive within seconds drive on the roadways. The airplane/car vehicle runs on regular gasoline and can fly at 115 mph or drive on highways at up to 65 mph.

The company says that they expect  to have models ready for delivery next year for about $200,000.  According to the company’s CEO, Carl Deitrich, they are  taking refundable deposits — $10,000 deposit for a production slot. (video below)


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