Another day – this one sailing west toward Gibraltar

Posted By on July 21, 2009

Sailing west

Today, we mark our return sail back toward the west steaming east in the Mediterranean on this near perfect day. The sky is blue, the water bluer and there is just enough breeze for a lone sailboat to make way well out in the clear horizon (digitally enlarged 300mm telephoto above). It’s now day 10 here and there’s no doubt about it – some serious diet and exercise is on my prioritized task list when I return home. I’m over eating and sleeping too much while detecting a definite bulge around the beltline that has become uncomfortable.

Brenda Kissed by a Dolphin

While Brenda and I enjoyed the view and the Mediterranean breezes this Tuesday morning on the balcony, I noticed what must be one of the premier window washing jobs in the world. The spectacular view probably doesn’t get much better than that – I wonder if they would hire someone like me for that job as payment for an early retirement cruise?

NCL Jade Window Washing


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