Cruising World magazine celebrates 35th anniversary issue

Posted By on September 17, 2009

Cruising World MagazinesSince my mind in on planning our trip to Annapolis and sailing, it seem fitting to tie today’s post to Tuesday’s when I mentioned my favorite periodical Cruising World. My collection of that magazine is similar to may who have a collection of back issues of National Geographic magazine. Anyway, it’s a good time to mention the 35th anniversary issue due out on September 29th:

Cruising World Celebrates Milestone 35th Anniversary

Middletown, R.I. — Bonnier Corp.’s Cruising World magazine kicks off its yearlong 35th anniversary celebration with the publication’s October 2009 issue. The October issue — which hits newsstands Sept. 29 — marks the launch of a boatload of activities that celebrate the milestone anniversary of the very first Cruising World edition, called The Sailboat Show Annual, which was released during the 1974 Annapolis Sailboat Show held in October of that year.

The commemorative issue of Cruising World will include not only its regular features, but also a number of articles by longtime friends and readers of the publication, including a special Mailbag section with “Letters to Murray” — a tribute to Cruising World’s founder, Murray Davis, in which sailors tell the stories of how they got hooked on sailing.

Regular columnist Cap’n Fatty Goodlander recounts what cruising was like in 1974, and Melanie Neale, author of Short Story, describes growing up on a boat while her father, Tom Neale, used to come to Newport, R.I., each year to write articles.

In an excerpt from his upcoming book, legendary yacht designer Chuck Paine talks about his early years, when articles in Cruising World helped him gain traction.

The feature section leads off with a Herb McCormick story on Reid Stowe, the man who vowed to spend 700 continuous days at sea, with a sidebar on other notable yachtsmen and their voyages over the years.

Rounding out Cruising World’s special coverage is an essay by longtime editor Bernadette Bernon, in which she describes her encounters with some of the well-known authors who’ve visited the magazine’s offices, along with a special People and Food that features Cruising World co-founder Barbara Davis’ favorite recipes.

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Cruising World is based in Middletown, R.I., and published monthly by Bonnier Corp. Cruising World addresses the dedicated sailor with a keen interest in exploring the world’s coastlines and oceans while cruising under sail. Cruising World aims to inspire and entertain through stories and pictures that underscore the beauty, fun and adventure of sailing, while providing practical information on the disciplines of seamanship, navigation and boat handling.
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