Sprint’s cell service and customer service is improving

Posted By on October 8, 2009

Sprint with Nextel LogoAs a long time Sprint (and previously Nextel) customer, I was the first to complain to friends about poor service and even poorer customer service, but the past year or so there has been a significant and noticeable improvement. After having a few issue with my Palm Pre, I was reluctant contacted Sprint customer service (fear of frustration) but recently found them efficient, friendly and caring … and I even spoke with representatives in the U.S., not overseas.  One issue was solved by taking the the phone to a local Cincinnati area service center where it was tested and replaced by an in-person staff in about 45 minutes. The second issue was handled in an extremely friendly way and without a waste of time — yet to see if the Airave corrects reception and battery life issues with my Palm Pre.

The change in policy has no doubt come from the top and Sprint CEO Dan Hesse has made it a priority commenting “I’m very proud of the fact that for 18 months in a row now, our customer satisfaction scores have gone up” to PBS host Charlie Rose last month. I’m not the only one noticing improvement by Sprint, Laptop magazine did a small scale test comparing cellphone carrier too and there result gave decent grades to Sprint and reinforces my perceived seat of the pants findings.

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