Stitcher podcast application for the Palm Pre

Posted By on October 7, 2009

Stitcher logoThe new podcast listening app available for the Palm Pre has just improved the sophisticated smartphone ten-fold when in comes to listening to audio. On the heels of the iTunes sync webOS 1.2.1 release/repair/update, the App Catalog new App Catalog Downarrival of Stitcher now makes listening to podcasts a cinch. After a quick download and install (providing the App Catalog is back in business), one can with a couple touches be listening to fresh updated podcasts without the usual subscribing, podcast catching and synchronization common to most mp3 iPod-like devices. Kinoma was great on the PalmOS, but Stitcher is first out of the gate on the Palm Pre.

Stitcher AppStitcher has been providing mobile audio to other devices including computers for a couple years and allows audio content to be aggregated, organized and shared on smartdevices. The content is up-to-date audio from business, sports, politics, entertainment, and current event providers and is well worth the application cost — it’s free.  I have found it one of the more exciting apps for the Pre and the fact that it utilizes both wifi connectivity and EVDO speed through the Sprint network, since I’m disorganized when it comes to setting up iTunes on my desktop to catch and synchronize podcasts. Last evening I comfortably listened to 50 minute CarTalk episode with 30% battery and still had plenty of juice before putting on the Touchstone induction charger. I can tell that from only a few hours of use that Stitcher is going to be one of my most used apps.

Stitcher in App Catalog


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