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Posted By on November 16, 2009

Currently upgrading and testing a new embed for flash video, although it might not work with current 2.8.6 version of WordPress. Nevertheless, it offers a few extra features that most have becomEmbedded Videoe accustom to such as a poster frame and full screen video. I’ll be tweaking the flash encoder on the Mac in order to keep file sizes manageable and to get rid of the occasion video jump showing up in the current clip.

As for the politics of this post, its again a slight twist to the health care debacle being voted for by liberal Democrats in congress … and against by many moderates and conservatives. One of the questionable components is the requirement to carry insurance or be fined if you choose to remain uninsured — the current proposed fine has been stated to be $250 per year for a 30 year old (although not paying for insurance would save between $2250 and $5500 per year). As the video clip points out, the current bills also enable everyone to be able to enroll without any exception for a pre-existing condition … something that will significantly push up the cost of insurance for everyone currently paying for insurance.

The interesting twist is that a person just paying the $250 penalty when they are healthy could just wait until their health become questionable before spending the thousands per year on insurance if pre-existing conditions don’t exclude them from buying insurance. No doubt this would significantly impact the projected saving of adding millions of relatively healthy young people expected to pay full fare in order to offset those of use who will be needing a bit more health care in the next several decades.


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