CinciTDI Volkswagen diesel GTG tomorrow in Cincinnati

Posted By on February 19, 2010

Slipped my mind, but wanted to make a note on my blog to be sure all Cincinnati area VW TDI people knew about the / GTG tomorrow — 8am February 20th.

Feb 20th GTG @Dubwerx

Its official, Dubwerx is hosting our GTG on Feb 20th, at 8:00 to whenever we get kicked out.Dubwerks is being extremely gracious allowing us to use their space and associated tools and equipment (and heat!).

Start at 8am, CinciTDI will provide lunch (pizza) around noonish and coolers with water. Bring any additional non alcoholic drinks you want and we will keep them cold.

Small jobs are welcome, especially topside work, we want to get as many people in and done as possible. All work is done with your hands and guru assistance as necessary. This is not drop off your car for service day

Bigger jobs will need both Dubwerx approval and guru approval if you require assistance.

If you require parts you must bring them or work can not be performed.

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