Adding some “light” reading to my weekend: Windows 7 Secrets

Posted By on February 19, 2010

Windows 7 SecretsI’ve added  a little light reading to my weekend plans from Paul Thurrot and Rafael Rivera’s book, Windows 7 Secrets … it’s only 1080 pages. I’m hoping the book will help enhance an already satisfied Windows 7 user by teaching me a few tricks in using Microsoft’s newest OS. As regular readers know, I’ve been using the beta and release candidate of Win7 for over a year now and have found Windows 7 a ten fold improvement over Vista  … and yes it is better then Win 2000 and XP … although I doubt diehards will make the upgrade without grumbling.

As comparisons go, it now rivals the Apple Macintosh for ease of use and is ‘almost’ as reliable from the standpoint of crashes and freezes — of course this depends on the computer hardware and what other programs have been installed. I still prefer the Mac for most video and graphics work, but for software and corporate compatibility having Window 7 on my notebook is a great option. If you have a newer computer with Vista the upgrade is worth it … Windows 7 Secretsif you have XP on a slightly older computer, its a more difficult call, as you might just want to wait and purchase it pre-installed on your next computer.

According to the Amazon Windows 7 Secrets book description,Thurrott and Rivera’s book “tells you what you need to know to go from Windows user to Windows expert and doesn’t waste time with basic computer topics.” If Paul Thurrot’s weekly TWIT podcast and winsupersite are to be the judge, I’m looking forward to Thurrot’s advice in helping me to gain in proficiently with Windows 7. Generally I modify the system to my liking anyway and it will be good to know a few of the hidden functions and features. Maybe I’ll add a few of my own tips here in the coming weeks?


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