The weather just won’t cooperate so we took a roadtrip

Posted By on March 12, 2010


Since the weather has been wet and windy here in Florida, we decided to take a road trip north from Delray Beach towards Fort Pierce.  Our plan was to putter along and check on a couple sailboats. We opted to drive the A-1-A route along the shore and stopped at several of the pull-offs along Hutchinson Island. Before grabbing lunch, we spent 30 minutes in the wind along the jetty at Fort Pierce Inlet (below). The pier fishermen were out and the boats contemplating venturing out into the Atlantic all turned back; it was a bit rough. All in all we had a nice day and enjoyed both the drive and looking at boats for sale – AND ‘no’ … we didn’t buy one … YET.

rainwindftpierceinletjetty ftpierceinlet_pelicans
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