Book: Going Rogue by Sarah Palin

Posted By on March 13, 2010

Since we’ve had rain for a couple of days while on vacation, I picked up a book off the coffee table and started reading it here at the condo … before finishing the other ones GoingRogueSarahPalinI brought along I might as well add. It’s a book I’ve been curious about, but not willing to buy just yet — Sarah Palin’s Going Rogue

To be truthful, I like Sarah Palin as a person and even as an Alaskan politician. I find her story interesting from a genuine, middleclass, down to earth American point of view. She, and her family, appeals to heartland America in particular and a lot of working class people seeing her story similar to those who expanded our country. Her respect for, and appreciation of our freedoms and our independent spirit are more than talk — she lives it (in part thanks to her parents).

From the early days of her dad moving the family from the lower 48 to “make it in Alaska,” to her firm foundation and deep appreciation for self-motivation, hard work and neighbor helping neighbor principles (without government oversight) are all part of her background. Her family work ethic taught her to worked hard and focused her on earning scholarships in order to put herself though college at a lesser known Idaho state college that many in public service look down their nose at. In fact I’ve heard comment to the effect that it took her 5 years, without recognizing that many who pay their own way spend a few extra semesters earning the tuition and living expenses.

Sarah Palin also rose through Alaskan politics without being beholding to any group or organization, something candidates from political parties rarely do. These attributes made her, and perhaps make her, a poster politician for Americans seeking “change in Washington.”  It is interesting that the politician who ran on “changing” the way Washington works, now President Obama, may now be remembered as being exactly the opposite and is now looking more like the political operative he rallied against in order to get elected. It is sad so many were hoodwinked.

Unfortunately my admiration for Sarah Palin ends here as I reflect on the the breath of fresh air she brought to the 2008 Presidential campaign. There were times I worried about her really being prepared for the position of Vice-President or heaven forbid President. I didn’t see her ready – of course I didn’t see the liberal junior senator from Illinois ready either!

All in all, the book so far is excellent and I’ve enjoyed reading it. Dare I comment that “it’s an easy read” without my comment sounding offensive?


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