Customer (friend) announcing retirement and a training webinar

Posted By on April 14, 2010

It was a melancholy day in that a friend who has been a loyal customer for over 20 years announced his retirement. Of course webinaratmcdsI’m happy for him in that he’s leaving work with his sanity and will have more time to enjoy life at his own pace. I asked him what his intentions were: he commented  that he’d like to find some part time work, be it consulting or maybe working in his wife’s landscaping company. We both agreed that since he is only 60 that he is too young to just do nothing. (I didn’t ask, but sensed he may have been enticed to retire early for budgetary reasons)

Besides spending most of the day on the road, I also had detoured for 90 minutes at a McDonald’s in order to access their free WiFi connection – glad they didn’t kick me out. I was hoping that it would be reliable and fast enough for a training “webinar” I was tuned into – thankfully it was. I’m glad to have free hotspots available in about every Ohio city I travel… I only wish they were a bit faster. Unfortunately with Wandering WiFi  managing more and more locations, the restriction on bandwidth intensive tasks are not always easy … like at the Radisson I stay at! Ouch … dialup 65 Kbps down speeds tonight.

So disappointing … so it’s back to using my Sprint Palm Pre and MyTether. 😉


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