Here we go again: 14 yr old girl “ready” to sail around the world

Posted By on August 6, 2010

TheBoyWhoSailedAroundtheWorldAlone Far be in from me to discourage sailing, cruising and voyaging around the world … but at some point a parent will go too far in supporting a parent’s a child’s dream. Personally speaking my childhood hero was Robin Lee Graham who set sail at 16 for his around the world voyage – and there is no question I was fascinated because he was a teen. Who knows if I would have found a passion for sailing without reading The Boy Who Sailed Around the World Alone in the early 1970’s and dreamt about such an adventure?

Laura-Dekker-900Recently a couple 16 year old girls have attempted, one succeeding and one falling short, but fortunately able to return safely. Now, a 14 year old girl, Laura Dekker (her website in English) from the Netherlands will be setting off after a final shakedown. It does beg the question … how young is too young and who’s responsibility is it for her safety?

Besides the mental and physical challenges in sailing a powerful world capable sailboat, the open ocean bluewater weather can challenge even the most salty dog.

Speaking of weather, I’m following Tropical Storm “Colin” in the Atlantic as we ponder our upcoming trip to Bermuda. Not that I’m going to change anything now, but I sure hope the expected wind, rain and surge leave the beautiful isolated island unscathed.


Here are a couple screen captures from the new Track-it-Deluxe (V.1.1.0) on my Palm Pre. (I’ve added the “Bermuda and arrow” as an overlay for clarity)




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