MyTether and Sprint for WiFi access saves the day again

Posted By on August 5, 2010

Although I’m finding myself using a 3G cellphone connection for my computer less and less as free wifi spots are opening up everywhere I tend to travel, I do find myself thankful to keep MyTether on my Palm Pre for those moments I need a wireless hotspot.


While stopping for lunch today, the normal wireless access point at McDonalds was not working and I was able to download email and send a file by switching on my access. This hasn’t been the first time I’ve used my cellphone as a modem to save the day and realized I clocked a speed test 4 years ago somewhere along this same route and posted it to my blog. I got me wondering … has Sprint (and Palm hardware) changed my connection speeds … they have. The 3G footprint has improved too.

Now: 1.65 Mbps down / 285 kbps up. Then: 347 kbps down / 33.8 kbps up


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