To repair or to replace, that is the question

Posted By on September 26, 2010

repairorreplace After digging into the dry rot that has plagued our garage utility door for a number of years, replacingutilitydoorit was determined that although the steel door was still good (as was much of the surrounding frame), that repairing the frame was out of the question. So I as my demolition ergs took over … I spent Saturday removing the door and founda a new replacement. Unfortunately that left Sunday afternoon to close things up before the predicted Monday rain. Along with replacing the door and frame, I added a couple better pressure treated boards to the cement foundation in hopes to curtail rot IF water finds a way to blow into the caulking next to the brick.  Next weekend … priming, painting and caulking.

Here a photo of the ‘roughed in’ door. I tweaked it with something just for fun… can you tell what I did? (click for larger image)NewRearDoor_Jimbo100926


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