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Posted By on September 27, 2010

logo_lastpass How do you keep all of your online passwords safe and secure? I’ll admit, I wasn’t all that smart about managing mine.

About a month or so ago, a technology friend of mine shared his method of using the stand alone KeyPass Password Safe on his PC and explained how he then plop the encrypted file into his Dropbox account so he could access across multiple PCs. Hmm, this looked interesting, but required me to manually enter all my passwords or create new ones then enter them into the KeyPass software application on my PC … but the real glitch was that there wasn’t a version for the Mac.

Thankfully there is LastPass: I gave the free version of LastPass a try and have been using it for a couple of weeks now and been pretty satisfied. I liked the random strong password generation, encrypted form fill and ability to add secure and encrypted notes often required for downloadlastpass person to person customer service phone conversations. It was easy to set up and because the files are encrypted before saving them off-site, it offers a doubly good way to archive all of your web passwords. LastPass now remembers passwords each time I visit a site no matter how complex and  it can create even more random strong passwords for me. It can even import all of my existing browser based passwords that may have been saved in Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome browsers and works great on the MacOS too.

Give it a try if you are still looking for a better way to incorporate more secure passwords and then remember them without the risk of leaving them in an unencrypted database or address book.



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