Lerner: “They have the money, we need to get it back…”

Posted By on March 25, 2011

Stephen Lerner relayed plans to intentionally damage the economy of the United States last week and suggested it would start this May. He is (was?) a politically connected SEIU official who regularly visits the Obama Whitehouse, although is said to currently be on administrative leave – his phone rings through and policeagents_lernervoice mail still takes messages.

Lerner divulged the Cloward and Piven-like plan while speaking at a university forum in New York and was “brainstorming” plans to collapse Wall Street by targeting banks (“brainstorming” – the most polite news term I read). In the recorded speech below he is encouraging borrowers to stop paying their mortgages (and student loans) with the goal of creating the necessary conditions to push for a change in government and to redistribute of wealth. He comments that if enough people refuse to pay back their loans that they could “put banks at the edge of insolvency again.”

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Lerner: “10% of homeowners are underwater, right, their home they are paying more for it than it’s worth 10% of those people are in strategic default, meaning they are refusing to pay but they are staying in their home that’s totally spontaneous they figured out it takes a year to kick me out of my home because foreclosure is backed up…. If you could double that number you could put banks at the edge of insolvency again."

Previously Lerner wrote that the modern labor movement has not done enough to capitalize on economic crisis and is at risk of losing relevance unless they take drastic measures. He writes,

"If we don’t seize the opportunity of the current economic crisis to chart a radically different course-committing ourselves and our movement to organizing for transformative change-we will sink into a deserved abyss of irrelevance."

I’d like to believe that this is all just the raving of a political socialist who is drunk on his own ego … and that rank and file SEIU union members have far more patriotism and love of country than to purposely participate in plot to bring down our economy. Perhaps the month of May will tell the story? 


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