Browser and Windows 7 upgrades

Posted By on March 24, 2011

The DSL connection at the hotel was shockingly fast so I took advantage ofirefox4updatef the speed to update my Windows 7 with a Service Pack 1 update … and decided to update a couple of Internet browsers too.

After installing Mozilla’s Firefox 4 and realizing that several of my add-ons needed to be disabled, I was pleasantly pleased with theinternet-explorer-9-300x291 slightly faster program load time as well as the snappier tab loads and browsing experience.

I also did the same for Microsoft’s Internet Explorer in upgrading from 8 to 9. It too seemed a bit snappier and the interface cleaner. All but the IE 9 install seemed improved.

Since I wasSafariWindow in the mood, Apple’s Safari also needed to be upgraded to 5.0.4 which continued to be a fast and clean browser.

Google’s Chrome is a daily use browser for me and was already up to date. In my opinion it is still the quickest of the bunch for program loading and snappy browsing … although the speed difference was not as noticeable as in the the past.

I’m not unlike many in the daily browser debate and choice Firefox as my default. It it probably used 75% of the time with Chrome 20%, IE and Safari the other 5%.



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