The Rockford Files redux on NetFlix

Posted By on March 30, 2011


Although this will probably show my age, today I’m highlighting one of my favorite TV programs and favorite actors — James Garner in The Rockford Files (imdb). I might have commented, "who doesn’t like the show," but since I live with that one person, I already know the answer.

About a year ago I added the 6 seasons to my streaming Netflix queue and because my better half refuses to watch ‘old’ TV programs, I haven’t found the time to re-watch any of the episodes.  BUT … because our Tivo has been upchucking on NetFlix content lately, it required a rebooting. Ah … the perfect test, the pilot episode of The Rockford Files. One down and 129 shows to go!

  Mike Post and Pete Carpenter Rockford Files theme song (mp3)

rockfordfilesadAn impact of being a teenager and growing up with detective shows like the The Rockford Files, was that I use to imitate the driving style (a J-turn or a "Rockford") of James Garner (sorry Dad). I also may have picked up a few of the the more positive values that came out of the show; Garner’s character demostrated humility as well as respect for others … and in my opinion absorbing some of that outweighed the negatives — those values were certainly better than the popular detective/police shows on the air today (stated like an old-fogy).

For a while, there was news that NBC was planning to do a Rockford Files remake in 2011, fortunately or unfortunately the project is currently shelved according to entertainment news, but as they say, "stay tuned."


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