Like most empty nesters, the house dilemma eventually comes up

Posted By on October 8, 2011

My wife and I have been discussing our house. As the kids move out and frequent gathering of friends coming over dissipates… or will hopefully be in the next couple years … we wonder just how necessary it is to stay in our bigger house.wsj_oneroomcabin111008 We both have things we appreciate about the home we designed and built, but also know the waste it is for just the two of us. Do we really need the excess of bedrooms and bathroom or for that matter the excessive room and home theater that we use too infrequently? I do appreciate the privacy of our acreage, the neighborhood in which we live and having my tools and workshop area, but could do with less. Brenda enjoys putting her touch on and in each room, from art and furniture to personal photos and antiques, but it becomes a collection to what end? Neither of us find the cleaning and maintenance appealing and we are becoming increasingly aware of the dollars that exit our budget to pay for the insurance, utilities and taxes. Unfortunately for the time being though, even if we were to sell and could get an acceptable price for our home, I’m not sure we could agree on what to buy, build or even where? And now that I think of even dealing with the thought of downsizing and the hassles, I’m not sure it would be worthwhile? No, making that change alone will probably keep us here a few more years … or until we can no long afford to stay.


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