The Ides of March opens in theaters this weekend

Posted By on October 7, 2011


Southwestern Ohio movie goers are anxious for the opening of George Cloney’s “The Ides of March” since the Cincinnati and the small college town of Oxford Ohio are notable in the film. The political drama starring Ryan Gosling used Miami University’s Hall Auditorium and the Farmer School of Business in the film, particularly in the early part of the film. According to MU alumni and students, some of the actors are seen wearing Miami University sweatshirts and are drinking coffee from MU coffee cups. Those in the Oxford area will get an early screening at midnight tonight at Great Escape Princess Theatre in Oxford (trailer below).

Ryan Gosling plays an idealistic staffer for a Pennsylvania governor (Clooney) who is a Democratic candidate for president. Along the campaign trail, however, Gosling’s character learns the governor has indiscretions — and he finds out the hard way about political double-dealing. The cast also includes Paul Giamatti as a manager for a rival candidate, Marisa Tomei as a hard-nosed reporter, Philip Seymour Hoffman as Clooney’s campaign manager, and Evan Rachel Wood as an intern who has an affair with Gosling.

Miami’s public information officer, said about 200 people participated as extras during the shoot and about 60 worked behind the scenes.



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