My quick impression after spending an hour with new iPad3

Posted By on March 19, 2012

I spent an hour playing with my friend’s new iPad (3) over a lunch this past weekend and may have had too high of expectations. It was nice, but didn’t leave me with the must have desire that I expected. ipad3lookThe AT&T 4G version operated similar to my son’s wifi only iPad 2 that I found it “not much different,” although didn’t put the 4G connection through a serious test – concern over the limits.

Of course the just out of the box unit didn’t have many apps on it and for the first time I found the opening and closings of apps a bit clunky compared to my old webOS Palm Pre phone … flipping through open cards, etc (I should have noticed this before???) Also, the impressive retina display didn’t blow my socks off as many reviewers commented. Yes it was very sharp, but not having the iPad2 next to it, I didn’t really have anything but my previous usage to compare it too. I’m sure over time the new display would be appreciated, especially for photos and maybe for reading fine type, but in just casual surfing I can’t say it jump out as shocking.

My conclusion was that, unless I’m missing something, I might be just as happy using a discounted (if they exist soon) iPad 2. What I will be watching for is the battery life report for those who spend time on 4G or 3G. Am I missing something?


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