Our White Star Magnolia has bloomed super early this year

Posted By on March 18, 2012

Since each year I’ve either looked at, blogged about or taken a photo of the White Star Magnolia we planted for Brenda back on Mother’s Day in 2008, I’ll include a macro video test  with the little waterproof Kodak Playsport Zx5 pocket camera. (hint: don’t use the macro setting for this)

The flowers have been blooming this year for over a week now… far earlier than after previous winters. I’m not an avid “global warmite” or in a panic over climate change… but it has been an unusually mild winter and does give concern over the potential lack of snowpack supplying water to the southwest US – farming, wild fires, excessive population, underground water tables? I’m probably making a very amateur observation but it is challenging to make the conclusion that “man” has all that much to do with global climate changes … although agree with my son who does study water aquifers and heavy over use of the mid and western U.S. underground water supplies for irrigation … often in waste. But that’s another subject that has more to do with wisely managing our natural resources.


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