Happy 25th anniversary to Discovery Channel’s Shark Week

Posted By on August 12, 2012


After posting the gentile dolphin video clip for today’s blog post, I remembered that Sunday is actually the beginning of Shark Week 2012 on the Discovery channel … and it’s not just any week, but the 25th anniversary. greatwhiteshark_fallowThe attraction is most likely programming such as “Air Jaws” highlighting video of the Great White Sharks off South Africa rocketing up from 20 or 30 meters underwater to hit a seal on the surface or the shark attack stories of amputees that, in my opinion, overly frighten beachgoers. That said, they do have programing that educates in a way that differentiates sharks and what some are doing to protect endangers species.

Personally I’m looking forward to learning a little more about Megalodon and just how large they may have been; some paleontologist suggests that this prehistoric shark with 7+ inch teeth was large enough to fit the entire head of a T-Rex in its mouth in one bite (tooth video below).


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