In Apple iPhone 5 anticipation, iPhone 4 and 4s prices drop

Posted By on August 13, 2012

If you really want an iPhone, this could be the time to buy … although prices could go even lower towards the end of the year? It seems the older iPhone 4 and 4s are selling slower than most retailers (and by assumption, Apple) would like and so retailers are doing what they can to stimulate sales preceding the expected iphonesprint4siPhone 5 release. As of last week, Sprint lowered their contract pricing and started selling the older iPhone 4 at $49.99 with a two-year contract and the current model, the iPhone 4s at $149.99 (a $50 change).

Interestingly, it seemed like just the other day (last year) we were talking iPhone 5 when Apple surprised us with the 4s model. This time they better go with “5” … but who knows, Apple does play games with their product naming –  they could shake things up again? Whatever they call it, customers will most likely stand in line to buy the new one … that is unless they truly disappoint and don’t really have the rumored larger screen and offer higher 4G data connections. It does seem they are currently a bit behind Android phones when it comes to 4G and screen sizes.  Being a Sprint customer, I’m curious just how a Sprint iPhone 5 will handle 4G. I assume they will only offer the LTE version even though most customers only have access to 3G or 4G Wimax in 2012. For those with a need for speed and openness to different carriers, I’d be closely looking at Verizon’s LTE offerings as some of the real life speeds are amazing … particularly uploads in 4G LTE cities.

Apple Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook said that speculation over Apple’s next big device may have hurt the sales of its current products, which grew at a slower rate than in previous quarters.

"There’s a lot of speculation out there," Cook said. "It’s difficult to sort out. But I’m fairly convinced based on what I’ve seen that there’s an incredible amount of anticipation out there."

The iPhone 5 is rumored to be released sometime in September, but Apple needs to be concerned that the slower rate could have to do with the improving Android products than anticipation of their new product. Frankly I’m have a déjà vu moment when it comes to Apple … the iPhone and iPad vs the Android phones and tablets …   the OS battle remind of of the 1980s-90s. Once upon a time the Apple Macintosh with its mouse and graphical display were superior to the IBM and the DOS clone computers just as the iPhone “has” been. Eventually Microsoft and their Windows interface then OS equaled Apple … and the battle nearly sunk Apple. After recently playing with a few current phones running Android I realized that the Apple mobile dominance isn’t what is was. The advancements in Samsung, LG, Motorola and HTC devices and Google’s continually improving mobile OS Android has gained ground on Apple devices and their iOS (in my opinion) and unless the new iOS and iPhone are “homeruns,” I see their mobile dominance starting to slide … reminiscent of 1990s before Steve Jobs returned. Hmm … and this time I don’t see a Steve waiting in the wings … so Apple better stay focused and continue with their innovative ways.


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